Facebook is a worldwide social networking phenomenon that has profound potential for both good and bad. Unfortunately, many users suffer from public bullying and harassment. As this abuse of Facebook continues, we see a growing need for reform and support. Here at wallwatch.sosclassroom you can find ways to cope with and manage your experience with cyber bullying. Help us, help you. "Like" the Facebook page, find us on Twitter, and send us URLs of resources; be a part of the movement aimed at making Facebook a safe place for all of us. If you see someone who needs help, just post @Wall Watch on their wall to send them a link to the resource page. For more details, see our about page.


Hello world!

Wall Watch is a dedicated service project that strives to eradicate cyber bullying and provides helpful resources for victims of bullying.

Our immediate goals are:
1) to collect and share resources for those who have suffered from bullying or are in need of support
2) to provide a name people can invoke (@wall watch) when they or their friend has been bullied
3) to lobby facebook to allow flagging of comments and status messages that are offensive and insensitive

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